Yaami Vetiver & Sandal Beauty Soap Combo Box of 2 - Women


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• Valiyeri herbal soap is formulated for all-purposes Skins. • It nourishes hydrates, softens and smoothen the skin through silky feel. • The soaps herbal ingredients will act as a mild scrubber and helps to repair the deep dirt and moistens the skin by making it supple. • The presence vitamin E will help the skin a lighter action and helps to protect the skin from oxidative damage. • Due to the presence of essential oils, the skin will retain its Soothing odour prolong. • Suitable for both oil and dry skin. • Combo Box of 2.

Key Ingredients and its benefits:

Vetiver - skin anti-blemishing effect, prevent infection, keeps skin nerves healthy, nourishes skin

Sandal - removes skin tan, reduces dry skin and wrin kles, natural coolant for skin

Neem - Antifungal, anti-bacterial

Aloevera - smoothening, nourishing, good for sensitive skin by retaining moistures

Turmeric - reduce scars, clear up acne, improves skin glow and skin feel

Directions for use: Shower the body, apply YAAMI Vetiver & Sandal soap generously, work up a lather and rinse. Try to avoid contact with eyes. 

Manufactured By: Valiyeri Herbal Cosmetics